Kight Law Filed Most Ch. 11 Bankruptcies in WDNC

Rod Kight has filed the most Chapter 11 bankruptcies in all of the Western District of North Carolina during the past 12 months. There were 34 total Chapter 11 cases filed between October 16th, 2012 and October 15th 2013, with over 20% of those (7 total cases) filed by our firm. The next closest is a Charlotte attorney who filed 5 (14.7%). Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a business debt reorganization and generally involves extremely complex issues.

Rod Kight is a board certified specialist in Bankruptcy Law, serving bankruptcy clients throughout North Carolina from his primary office in Asheville. Call KightLaw at 828-255-9881 to schedule your consultation or complete our online Bankruptcy Questionnaire found HERE.

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