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Whether starting a business or reorganizing debt, we can explain all your options.

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From business structuring to financial solvency, success begins with a solid plan.

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Whether you are starting out or starting over, our goal is to support your success.

A Business, Bankruptcy, and Debt Relief Law Firm

Asheville and Waynesville, North Carolina

Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

We know that if you are searching for an Asheville bankruptcy lawyer, you are probably experiencing stress on multiple levels. At Kight Law Office, we guide people in financial distress through bankruptcy, or alternatives more favorable to their circumstances. Rod Kight is a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Business Bankruptcy Law. He provides compassionate representation to individuals and businesses in need of debt relief or reorganization through bankruptcy all across Western North Carolina. Kight Law is headquartered in Asheville, with additional offices in Waynesville to better serve clients in the western part of our state.

The Law of Business

Being successful in today’s world of business requires more than just competing in the market place. Your long term success almost always rests with selecting the right business law attorney for your team. The world is changing rapidly. Creating a relationship with your business law attorney is as important as the relationships you create with your customers, your key staff members and suppliers. At Kight Law, we can help you address concerns ranging from employment contracts and partnership agreements to business sales and mergers to tax issues and restructuring.

Evaluating Your Options in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not always the best option for people seeking debt relief. Together we can find the right financial path for your unique circumstances.

Financial stress can be so consuming and confusing that you may begin to feel you have no options at all. Fortunately, this is rarely the case. Most people have options, and often the most comforting resource is a clear picture of what the options are. Kight Law is a North Carolina debt relief agency. Rod Kight is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. He can answer all your questions. He can help you sort through your unique situation and outline your options in an objective and compassionate way. As a legal specialist, he makes your financial recovery his foremost goal.

Filing bankruptcy is not the answer to all financial situations. Whether you are considering liquidation through Chapter 7 or debt reorganization through Chapter 11 or 13, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced North Carolina bankruptcy attorney to help you understand the differences and similarities between the types of bankruptcy available and the alternatives that may offer more creative and lasting solutions for your unique circumstance. At Kight Law, we provide that experience in a friendly, compassionate atmosphere.

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Bankruptcy Evaluation

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Corporate and Business Representation

We provide ongoing services to businesses to help them keep on track for stable, growing financial futures.

He has represented businesses and business owners in all aspects of business development, including advising clients on entity formation, resolving tax issues, engaging in contract negotiations, consulting on share transfers, pursuing sham international investment brokers, participating on non-profit boards, and litigating partnership and shareholder disputes.

At Kight Law, we can help you address concerns ranging from employment contracts and partnership agreements to business sales and mergers. We take the time to understand your business, your goals and financial objectives. We can help ensure you meet these through protecting your interests contractually.

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